Welcome to Integrity Computer Solutions. We specialize in computer repairs, upgrades, rebuilds, custom builds and virus removal. Whether you have an old system that just isn't performing like it used to or have a new system that needs perked up with the latest software or hardware, we are here to help. Our service technicians are all skilled computer enthusiasts with years of experience troubleshooting many different types of systems. They are all trained in all Windows Platforms as well as hardware and software installation, diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair. We vow to get you running again with little to no delay and we promise to do it right or the job is free.

Upgrade or Buy New Not sure if you should fix it or replace it. Give us a call. We keep up to date with the latest in hardware, software and accessories and can help you determine whether upgrading components may be more cost-effective than repairing them or buying a new computer.

Recycle / Reuse.  When the time comes to dispose of that old computer, don't just throw it in the garbage.  There is information on there that you don't want bad elements to know.  Give us a call and we can save all the data you need from the computer (even if it isn't running) and destroy the data so that not even the best can retreive anything from the drives.  If you donate the computer for parts, we will even retreive your data for free.  

Quality Service at a Sane Price.  We pride ourselves on having the best prices in town on parts and labor. Can you find a lower price?  If you look hard enough you will.  But I can guarentee you that you won't find a better price for the quality of work you will get from Integrity Computer Services.   If you find a better price from a reputable computer business, let us know. We WILL beat it.



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